Which Deity is Calling You?

How to Use Palmistry to Find Your Patron God and Goddess

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In order to be a successful, powerful psychic you need a basis of belief. The first step is figuring out what you believe – otherwise, you’ll wander aimlessly with your energy! 

This became crucial when working with deities and spirit guides. The less vocabulary you have when talking to yourself about your beliefs (i.e. what someone would have to believe in order to be you), the more difficult it is more ethereal beings to communicate with you.

Our palms tell the story of our lives, both in the present and the potential future. 

The Destiny line, which will be the main focus of this workbook, points to where we best fit in terms of career and lifestyle. It's where we'll make the most money and be the happiest in life. 

Coincidentally, the path that's best for us corresponds to which deities are best fits for worship.

Receive an intensive deity worship and palmistry workshop by signing up. 

PLUS you'll receive a 25+ page workbook to connecting with your patron God and Goddess.

What's included?

6 Texts
Rachel Erazo
Rachel Erazo
Tarot Mentor

About the instructor

Rachel's been a tarot reader for over ten years, with professionally giving readings since 2014. 

She provides deep and insightful readings using intuitive reading strategies and aims to help others with the world of divination.


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