Costume Your Cards Workshop

Throughout history, the clothes a person wears can tell the story of their life. From the Spanish and their myriads of bows and Captain Hook wigs to the French and their need to wear birds in their hair. Tarot tells a story...


Start Reading Tarot Intuitively

Make your tarot reading FUN and EASY again! Start reading today without Google or a guide book - just your intuition!


Introduction to Shadow Work Workshop

Shadow Work is all about uncovering your "shadow side"; the part of yourself that houses your negative traits. It could be prideful, insecure, lying, etc. Join me for an intensive workshop to use both tarot AND shadow work to better yourself.


Crone Academy Meditation Pack

Have access to the exclusive guided meditaitons of the Crone Academy! Awaken your intuition, meet your spirit guide, realign your chakras and more - PLUS you'll receive members-only tarot spreads and journal inserts...


Quick Start to Reading Tarot Intuitively 5-Day Challenge

We'll spend 5 days going over: ✨How to Interview Your Tarot Deck the Right Way ✨Easy Ways to Tell a Story with Your Cards ✨Why a Tarot Journal is Key to Your Divination Practice ✨How to Effectively Drive Away Self-Doubt


The Fool's Intuitive Journey 3-Day Series

Join me as I go through the Fool's Journey in the Major Arcana. Learn to read each card intuitively AND receive a daily workbook.