You've seen this at Barnes and Noble or your local metaphysical shop.
You walk in, see shelves upon shelves of beautifully decorated cards, and instantly feel overwhelmed.

😳One deck is the original Rider-Waite Smith system but this other one is based off of Voodoo and Hoodoo?
😕But Google has each version of the Devil the same way, even though it looks TOTALLY different?
😓How am I supposed to read these decks in the same way?!

From my experience, a lot of tarot readers shun decks before of this reason. If it's not a familiar system, they don't want anything to do with it.

I find this absolutely insane.

If you break it down, there's an incredibly simple way to go along with the Fool's journey in tarot, even if the deck you're using isn't in a popular system.

Not only that, but you learn so much more from a deck just by sitting down, recognizing the differences, and digging deep into the decks themselves.

Join me for a FREE three-day series that takes a look at the entire Waite-Smith Fool's Journey using the Dreams of Gaia, Gothic Horror, and Enchanted World Tarot! 

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