How to Meet and Effectively Work With Your Spirit Guide

Summer of Magic 2018 Workshop with Rachel Erazo

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As we’re elemental and energetic beings of this world, there are other energetic beings that exist. A spirit guide is one of these beings, usually in an ethereal form, that acts as a protector or mentor to living beings. They can be passed on spirits, such as family members, or animals. They must be in a disincarnate form, though.

Majority of humans experiences “signs” as messages from their guides. However, if your Crown is open and you state that you’re ready, your guide will communicate more directly.

You'll receive a detailed, heart-centered workshop that leads you through the different kinds of elemental guides you can have PLUS receive a guide to communicating on your own

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How to Meet and Effectively Work with your Spirit Guide Workshop

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6 Texts
Rachel Erazo
Rachel Erazo
Tarot Mentor

About the instructor

Rachel's been a tarot reader for over ten years, with professionally giving readings since 2014. 

She provides deep and insightful readings using intuitive reading strategies and aims to help others with the world of divination.

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