When I first started reading tarot, I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

I got a deck from my roommate, the Enchanted World Tarot, and just was dumbstruck.

What does all this crap mean?
There's a meditation DVD and book?! But how do I meditate the right way?
Why are there swords stabbing this man?!

I didn't understand the cards at ALL. But once I started reading intuitively - using my mind to read tarot and NOT a guidebook - all the meanings and insights started flooding in.

Now that I'm a master tarot reader, I've created a quick start guide for others to read tarot with their instincts, not Google! 



Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Challenge!
    • Welcome
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  • 2
    Day One - Getting to Know Your Tarot Deck is FUN
    • Day One Homework and Workbook
    • Day One - Getting to Know Your Tarot Deck is FUN Replay
  • 3
    Day 2 - A Simple Way to Create a Tarot Journal
    • Day Two Homework, Workbook, and Replay
  • 4
    Day 3 - Easy Spreads Without a Ton of Cards
    • Day Three Homework, Workbook, and Replay
  • 5
    Day 4 - Easy and Effective Ways to Unlock your Intuition
    • Day Four Homework, Workbook, and Replay
  • 6
    Day 5 - Driving Away Self-Doubt as a Tarot Reader
    • Day Five Homework, Workbook, and Replay
  • 7
    Your Next Steps...
    • Level Up Your Intuitive Tarot Reading Skills