Quick Start to Reading Tarot Intuitively 5-Day Challenge

Making Your Practice FUN and EASY

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Have you ever met someone who's vibe was completely different from yours? You misunderstand each other and sitting together for five minutes feels like a chore.

When I first got my deck, the Enchanted World Tarot, I didn't understand it.
The imagery was Renaissance meets geometry.
The colors were happy go lucky, something that didn't fit with my personality at all.

The issue was I didn't understand the language of my deck. Once I created a spread, start down, and interviewed my deck doing a reading was MUCH easier.

Not only do you understand the language and tone of the deck more but interviewing it allows your intuition to enter the conversation. You're reading with your emotions and instinct, not a guide.

Sit down and interview your deck after you get it. Admire the artwork, read the author's notes, and have a conversation with your new pal.

Are you ready to get started with reading tarot intuitively?
I know I am!

We'll spend 5 days going over:

✨How to Interview Your Tarot Deck the Right Way
✨Easy Ways to Tell a Story with Your Cards
✨Why a Tarot Journal is Key to Your Divination Practice
✨How to Effectively Drive Away Self-Doubt

PLUS every day you'll receive workbooks, participate in daily posts, and walk away with some awesome goodies.

Additional Information:

Why Interviewing Your Tarot Deck is KEY to Reading Intuitively

Drive Away Your Tarot Reading Doubt

What is Tarot?

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Challenge!
Day 2 - A Simple Way to Create a Tarot Journal
Day 3 - Easy Spreads Without a Ton of Cards
Day 4 - Easy and Effective Ways to Unlock your Intuition
Day 5 - Driving Away Self-Doubt as a Tarot Reader

What's included?

1 Video
8 Texts
Rachel Erazo
Rachel Erazo
Tarot Mentor

About the instructor

Rachel's been a tarot reader for over ten years, with professionally giving readings since 2014. 

She provides deep and insightful readings using intuitive reading strategies and aims to help others with the world of divination.


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