It's Time to Take Control of Your Energy

What if I told you that mastering your own energy, which can make you a powerful psychic and reader, was as easy as pie?

It’s true!

Join us for 2-hour intensive Introduction to Chakras Workshop. 

You’ll discover…
✨What fears are keeping you from expanding your intuitive practice
✨How to unleash and befriend your inner child
✨Easy, everyday ways to give your energetic body some much needed TLC
✨And much more!

PLUS you’ll receive an intensive workbook for tracking your spiritual progress, filled with gifts and goodies every woo practitioner would love.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Course!
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  • 2
    Introduction to Chakra Work Workshop
    • You're Officially Signed Up!
    • Introduction to Chakras Workshop Replay
    • Workshop Workbook
  • 3
    Your Next Steps...
    • Book Reccomendations
    • Master Your Energy in EASY and FUN Ways
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