What if I told you that mastering your own energy, which can make you a powerful psychic and reader, was as easy as pie? 

It’s true!

I hosted a 2-hour intensive Introduction to Chakras Workshop that's now available for replay. You’ll discover…

  • What fears are keeping you from expanding your intuitive practice
  • How to unleash and befriend your inner child
  • Easy, everyday ways to give your energetic body some much needed TLC
  • And much more!

PLUS you’ll receive an intensive workbook for tracking your spiritual progress, filled with gifts and goodies every woo practitioner would love.

What's included?

1 Video
6 Texts
Rachel Erazo
Rachel Erazo
Tarot Mentor

About the instructor

Rachel's been a tarot reader for over ten years, with professionally giving readings since 2014. 

She provides deep and insightful readings using intuitive reading strategies and aims to help others with the world of divination.


What others have been saying about this course:

Receive the workshop replay, workbook, AND a coloring guide for tarot cards with a low purchase of $27!

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