✨Symbolism Matters with Tarot✨

Whether it's the symbols themselves in a card or the placement of a character's body, a minute thing can change the meaning entirely.

I'm interested in a more specific symbolism of the cards - the clothing.

Throughout history, the clothes a person wears can tell the story of their life. From the Spanish and their myriads of bows and Captain Hook wigs to the French and their need to wear birds in their hair. Tarot, specifically Rider-Waite, tells a story itself with the clothes each figure is wearing.

Also, as we well know, even the smallest thing can make a big difference in tarot reading. When we relate the characters to our lives, paying attention to how they dress becomes essential. And ridiculously fun.

Join me for a Costume Your Cards Workshop!

We'll go over how different cards would change their meaning depending on the color, texture, and period of dress they have. 

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